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Trade with Cement

We offer different Typ´s of Cement of quality from Europe Sources. The detailed specification can be found in the downloads below.


We (once) to provide a minimum amount from 12,500 tons to be able to cement either an annual contract basis or Spot Buy.
Prices can only be communicated by written request, as the price of cement has to be specifically requested for your inquiry and varies depending on the amount of the price reduction.
The goods will be insured (110%) of any "safe" (*) seaport in the world, distributing Icoterms, 2000.
(*) No crisis or war zone region, the classification is determined by the insurer.
Testing / inspection
Quality and quantity check is performed by the independent global company SGS. Link: www.sgs.com
Terms of payment
- Transferable, revolving and confirmed L / C
PBG: 2% PBG and POP is the no credit operated actively
Insurance: The goods will be operating by Worldwide Insurance Company insured to 110%, ie If from any reason (according to policy) does not arrive the goods, the customer receives the goods value (100%) and profit adopted by 10% of the insurance.
Procedure and conditions
Please note that your request for processing a complete LOI and BCL is essential.
Buyer sends LOI (Letter of Intent) and BCL to seller for consideration.
Seller shall notify the purchaser, if possible, and sends FCO.
Buyer signs FCO and sends back.
Seller issues the contract to the discussion.
Buyer signs the contract and sends it back.
Buyers are from a non-active financial instrument.
Seller is "Professor of Product" (trade certificate) and PB 2%,
to activate the financial instrument.
The loading of 110% insured delivery under the contract begins.
If you accept our offer, we kindly ask you to send short of their LOI.